Carolina Pool League

Each person joining CPL agrees to abide by the rules set forth in the CPL manual. Every team should have a copy of the manual--if not, please have your captain let us know, and we will be glad to get you one.  These manuals are crucial for each team's ability to be knowledgeable of the rules, changes, and schedule alerts.  Please see your team's latest manual for additional and more in-depth coverage of rules for CPL.

All players must be at least 18 years of age.  We take this very seriously. If a player is under 18 and has played any games, that team will forfeit those games that person played. If the team plays a person under 18 a second time, that team will forfeit their match and the score will be 11-4 with the team's opponent receiving 11.

Rules are subject to change. CPL reserves the right to make rules modifications when necessary at any time. Any rules changes will be made available to team captains. CPL management has sole discretion on all regular season and playoff operations, rules, and policies.

The team registration fee is a one-time fee of $40.00 per team, due at the beginning of each session. All teams are required to pay the fee on the FIRST night of the session. If by the fourth week, the registration has not been paid, ONE POINT will be deducted from your score for each week it is late. Your team will NOT get those points back.

Each team will pay a game fee of $30.00 each week. In the case of a forfeit, the forfeiting team must pay the entire fee for the evening ($60 total--$30/team). All money envelopes are to stay at the bar where the matches are played unless arrangements are made with the CPL management. Typically, a member of CPL management will collect envelopes each week.

Scores are to be called in or texted in to MELISSA on the night of the match. You do NOT have to be the home team to call/text the score in.

This is primarily a bar league; bar-sized tables should be played on first. If a bar only has larger tables, then you play on those. No shim tables. Cue balls are to be the CPL-provided blue-dot balls--no substitutions!

"Pros" cannot participate in this league. A player is considered a "pro" if: you are currently or have been a card-carrying professional on tour in the past 2 years; or you have won prize money in a tour or tournament playing with professionals (includes pro-am tours/tournaments similar to the Mali) within the past year; or you have played in more than one event of a tour or tournament with professionals (including pro-am events) within the past year.  Also, a player known to make a living by playing pool, hustling, etc., will not be allowed to play in the league. Good players are ALWAYS welcome, but we reserve the right to admit or deny any players from playing in the Carolina Pool League. If any allegations are put forward, it is our duty to investigate so that the integrity of our league is upheld.

Team captains may NOT go to any other team and try to recruit players from that team.

No matter what, if you touch the cue ball after fouling before it is finished rolling (not making a good hit, for example), it will be LOSS OF GAME. If it comes to a stop, you can still hand it to your opponent, but it MUST not be rolling. This includes a ball rolling into a pocket.


A team that joins the league in the first session must play all 3 sessions to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

If a team plays for 3 sessions in one calendar year, that team cannot sit out for any session in the next calendar year. That team must wait 3 sessions before they can come back.

A new team or new player that joins during the third session will not be qualified for the playoffs.

A team or player must play two sessions in a row to be eligible to play in the playoffs. If a player shoots for different teams in each session, that player must shoot for the team they were playing for in the last session in the playoffs. The player cannot shoot for another team in the playoffs. That player must also be qualified for that team.

When shooting in the playoffs, teams cannot substitute any member of their teams with another member for other teams. POSITIVELY NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ALLOWED; ALL PLAYERS MUST BE THE PLAYERS WHICH SHOT FOR THAT TEAM IN THE LAST SESSION.

If a team does not have at least 5 players, they must forfeit the game(s) they do not have players for.